Road Ready


Natalia Almanza, Student Life Editor
March 20, 2014

Getting your driver’s license can be a big part of your life. Lots of high school students are very eager to learn how to drive and get their driver’s license, but for some students, it just does not sound appealing. Getting your license can be a hard thing to do, and it costs a lot of money to drive.... Read more »

Prom Awaits Us

Kayla Parreno, Staff Reporter
March 20, 2014

Jurupa Valley High School’s prom will be on Friday, April 25 at the Sea Cliff Village Country Club in Huntington Beach, Calif.   This year, prom will have a Grecian theme. Ticket prices start at $60 and will increase to $90 dollars as the day of the event approaches. Students can purchase tickets... Read more »

Spring Break Fun

Joanna Carrillo, Staff Reporter
March 17, 2014

At Jurupa Valley High School, students look forward to the breaks that they receive every once in a while: Christmas break, Thanksgiving break, and the most “enjoyed” break, according to sophomore Anthony Diaz, Spring break! What do JVHS students do over the break? Well better yet what can they do?... Read more »

It’s a Bird, It’s a Fish, It’s Steinbrinck!


Danielle Ball, Editor in Chief
February 26, 2014

As a man who has traveled many parts of the world, created his own jewelry, participated in triathlons, and so much more, Scott Steinbrinck is definitely justified when he proclaims to be an interesting man. “I wouldn’t necessarily say interesting,” Steinbrinck says, “I think... Read more »

Junior Bling: Class Rings


Ruby Acosta, Staff Reporter
February 14, 2014

Although the deadline for ordering a class ring on campus has passed, it is not too late for Jurupa Valley High School students to order class rings. A representative from Jostens will be back on campus on Friday, February 21. Students can order class rings at that time. Students can order class rings... Read more »



Vanessa Espinoza, Sports Editor
February 14, 2014

Ms. Kelly Krocker has been linked to the Jurupa Unified School District since she can remember. Her dad was a teacher for this district. Not only did her dad introduce her to the district, but he also is the number one person she goes to for advice. Her outgoing personality and enthusiastic ways were... Read more »

The Horrors of AP testing


Joanna Carrillo, Student Reporter
February 5, 2014

Students at Jurupa Valley High School like to overachieve and prosper, which might explain why they wish to take classes that are advanced placement in order to get accepted into the college of their choice. Although the stress of AP classes can be overbearing, “being able to see your hard work payoff... Read more »

What Are You Doing For Gobble Gobble day?

Joanna Carrillo, Staff Reporter
November 22, 2013

In 1621 Pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower and distinguished an autumn harvest feast with the Wampanoag Indians, which included all sorts of goods including lobster, rabbit, chicken, a variety of squash, and dried fruit! Since then it was acknowledged as a national day to celebrate... Read more »

Together We Can: Canned Food Drive

Cristal Vasquez, Staff Reporter
November 21, 2013

Jurupa Valley High School is having a holiday food drive. It started on Nov. 18 and will go through Dec. 11, 2013. This food drive will help people in need in our community this holiday season. All donations must be brought to students’ fourth period classes, and the fourth period class that has the... Read more »

Fall Academic Assembly pictures

academicassembly (13 of 35)

November 6, 2013

On Thursday, October 31, Jurupa Valley High School’s ASB program hosted the first academic pep assembly of the 2013-2014 season. Check out the pictures here! academicassembly-3-of-35 ◄ Back ... Read more »

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